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Jack Howe and his Collective Stories

If you weren’t lucky enough to participate in or overhear the many conversations Jack Howe had with attendees of Bedtime Stories: From the Crib to the Crypt at Shooting Gallery opening night, you really missed out! Not only are his works intriguing and mysterious, but so is the manner in which he tells the stories of how each minute detail came to be and what it represents, from his perspective, in the specific piece as a whole.


Strolling into the Future

Assemblage Art



An example of the details that go into each piece and their part in the story.


Our Lady of the Castro

Assemblage Art


From the Artist:

“I select objects that elicited a response in me and I hope — whether they inspire nostalgia, or fear, vulnerability or strength, love or loss — that the pieces resonate with the observer.

Though I have a narrative in mind as I construct each piece, I resist offering written explanations as there is no true narrative. Rather, the life experiences of each observer brings unique perspectives and interpretations to the work which are often more compelling than my own.”


Artist Jack Howe

Be sure to stop by Shooting Gallery to see Bedtime Stories: From the Crib to the Crypt on view through April 7, 2012.


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